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Freight Arrangements

Our Freight Prices are filed every Quarterly with several Shipping Lines and Carriers.

Freight Arrangements for Steel Shipments

We also negotiate best container freight prices from reliable shipping lines and carriers on behalf of our Steel buyers and consumers. Our local presence and volumes enable us to get the required freight prices, shortest transit time, no shut-outs, more free time at destination ports and waiver of several port charges. Our freight prices are filed every quarterly with several shipping lines and carriers.

We have our own logistics support management for transportation of containerized shipments from factory to loading ports. Our years of experience in sea transportation and freight ensure safe and on time delivery of shipments at destination ports.

The growth in demand of Steel Rebar in Asia, Middle East and Africa whereas particularly supply deficit worldwide has geared up export opportunities for Steel Industry by the over whelming support and services of Hammad Steel Industries.